Best Shipping Methods to Import Quads

Best Shipping Methods to Import Quads
March 30, 2020 Aldo Flores
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What to Choose for ATV Transport

To import a quad, you have to think about the original location of the vehicle, how long it will take to reach its destination, what your budget is, and half a dozen other factors. Today, we’re going to help you decide on a method for ATV transport. Because you want your all-terrain vehicle to arrive in excellent shape, you need to take care when choosing a method. With the help of Trans Global, you can pick out the right form of transportation for your needs and your budget.

Overseas Transport

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ATV transport that involves overseas travel is a bit different. Not only does shipping a vehicle abroad involve different regulations and licenses, but you also have more options for your cargo. Overseas shipping can involve both air freight and ocean freight liners.

Once again, you can export or import the quad in a container. Typically, several ATVs and off-road vehicles will share a single cargo container to ensure that it’s full. That can save money for you. Your quad will be loaded into its shipping container with a forklift.

RORO shipping is a common solution for ATV transportation, as well. RORO stands for “Roll-on/roll-off,” and it involves rolling the vehicle on and off the transport vessel using a ramp. After it’s loaded onto the ship, it’s secured to a pallet or in a crate.

When you import your ATV on a plane, the vehicle is strapped to a pallet and loaded onto the plane. It will generally fit into a designated space for shipping crates and large luggage.

Transport by Truck

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Depending on where you import the quads from, transport via truck might be an option for you. It’s only possible if you’re importing an ATV or UTV from, say, Canada or Mexico, or from a point across the United States. Truck transport is often better for shorter distances.

From there, you can choose between an open carrier and an enclosed carrier. Open carriers are only recommended for short trips, as well, to minimize the chance of damage to your exposed vehicle. Enclosed carriers work for longer trips since they protect your quad from the elements, but since they are heavier, they are less fuel-efficient and therefore more expensive.

Shipping Methods

If you choose to go with truck transport, overseas transport, or even with a train, then you have a wealth of shipping choices. You can go with a crate to enclose your quad and keep it safer, for example, or you can select to ship your ATV without a crate. In that case, you may secure your vehicle on a metal pallet or a wooden one.

What method should you choose when you import a quad? Reach out to Trans Global Auto Logistics to discuss the logistics and request a quote.

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