Classic Sports Cars Versus Classic Muscle Cars: What’s the Difference?

Classic Sports Cars Versus Classic Muscle Cars: What’s the Difference?
April 4, 2022 Chrissy Goodwin
Coupe classic sports car driving on the street

Classic sports cars and classic muscle cars are both highly sought-after collector vehicles, but while these cars are similarly eye-catching, they are both quite unique in terms of aesthetic and performance. If you are thinking of purchasing either, there are many important factors to consider. Whether you are currently seeking out your first classic car, or are already an avid collector, read on to learn more about the differences between these cars, their investment benefits, and your best options for transporting them when the time comes.

Differences Between Classic Sports Cars and Muscle Cars

While both are built to deliver an exhilarating drive, classic sports cars and classic muscle cars have different aesthetics and capabilities. Keep in mind that while all muscle cars are sports cars, not all sports cars are muscle cars!

Classic Sports Cars

Built to perform with excellent acceleration and handling, classic sports cars were created to offer aesthetics combined with speed. The Chevrolet Corvette is generally considered to be the first genuine American sports car and embodies the sporty look that car enthusiasts love.

Featuring mostly two-door designs and coupe or convertible body styles, classic sports cars are sleek and aerodynamic. There is usually a great selection of these cars available for purchase, so with a little effort, you can find the perfect model to add to your collection.

Classic Muscle Cars

Muscle cars first began appearing in the 1960s. Often used for drag racing, these cars feature a two-door design with rear-wheel drive and a powerful engine. Classic muscle cars boast a boxy aesthetic with a muscular look, and this broader design generally offers larger interiors and more spacious trunks than that of classic sports cars.

While they lack the sporty handling capabilities of sports car models, muscle cars provide a famously classic aesthetic. With that being said, it can be difficult to find an available and well-maintained classic muscle car to add to your collection. Classic car auctions are a great place to start. When you do get your hands on one of these rare and classic models, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Benefits of Investing in Classic Cars and Muscle Cars

A Stylish Investment

Classic cars aren’t just for looking at, collecting, or working on, they can be an incredible investment as well. Some classic cars have huge profit potential, but that doesn’t mean that they are all created equal, and it’s important to have a good grasp on classic car investing before you make your choice.

Classic cars including sports and muscle cars have been increasing in value over the past few decades, and some of the most investment-worthy cars include those between 15-25 years old, cars featuring rare or unusual designs, and cars with interesting histories. Be sure to protect your investment by having it inspected before purchase, and shipping it safely and securely.

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Spy Before You Buy

If you’ve set your sights on a classic muscle or sports car, be sure to stop and properly assess the vehicle amidst your excitement. While classic cars’ older age makes them unique, it can also bring about potential cosmetic, mechanical, and safety issues. Properly inspecting your investment before handing over such a large sum of cash is key, and a pre-purchase car inspection can help.

This professional assessment performed by certified mechanics or automotive technicians will identify any cosmetic, mechanical, or safety issues. While inspections are widely available, the safest route is to have your car inspected by classic car specialists. Trans Global Auto Logistics offers specialized pre-purchase car inspection for classic cars, even if you’re purchasing online or out-of-state. Your official, comprehensive vehicle report will ensure total peace of mind! Call us for your personalized inspection quote.

Finding a Classic Car Transporter

Choosing the Right Shipping Method

Transporting your beloved classic sports or muscle car can feel intimidating, but Trans Global Auto Logistics is here to help you every step of the way. We offer a few different methods of secure car transport to meet your unique needs including your budget, drop-off and pick-up locations, and ideal timeline. Our primary shipping methods for classic cars include air freight, car carrier truck, and cargo shipping methods.

If you’re looking for the fastest possible shipping experience, our air freight shipping will deliver. For more flexible timelines, roll-on roll-off shipping and cargo shipping methods can still deliver your vehicle within a month. Car carrier trucks may be a good option for continental shipments, but sometimes even domestic transport journeys are most efficient by cargo ship. Rest assured that no matter which shipping method you choose, our expert-level attention to detail will ensure that your prized vehicle’s journey is smooth.

Beige and chrome interior of a classic car

Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipment

One of the first steps in the classic car shipping process will be choosing your ideal pick-up location, and potentially organizing land transport for some continental or domestic shipments. Trans Global Auto Logistics will work with you to find your ideal location — you may even be able to ship directly from a car show!

When it’s time to prepare your classic sports car or muscle car for shipment, the organization is key as vehicle preparation requirements vary based on shipping method and destination. Our shipping specialists will be available to guide you! Nevertheless, there are some standard requirements to prepare for including adjusting to the appropriate fuel level and removing any personal belongings.

For extra peace of mind, you’ll be able to follow along with your car’s shipping process step-by-step and even receive photo updates. If you happen to have any shipping or transport concerns along the way, you can easily get in touch with our shipping specialists to have them addressed. For more information regarding our transport services for your classic sports car or muscle car, call us or request your free quote today!

Trans Global Auto Logistics is Here to Help

Still left with unanswered questions? Feel free to call in and speak with a specialist to start your unique car transport process. We know that a classic muscle car or sports car is an incredible and meaningful investment, and we will handle your car as such.

Request your free, personalized quote today! Trans Global Auto Logistics has options for any car, budget, and destination.

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