Finding a Classic Car Transporter for Vintage Automobiles

Finding a Classic Car Transporter for Vintage Automobiles
February 20, 2020 Aldo Flores
Vintage Car Transport

A classic car transporter is the secret to safely shipping the classic car you’re selling or have just purchased. Vintage car transport requires care and expertise. After all, a classic car is an investment, not to mention a delicate antique. You want to do everything possible to preserve your piece of history on four wheels, whether it’s a new acquisition that you’re adding to your collection or if you’re shipping your ride to a new owner. The Pomona Swap Meet is a hot-spot for finding flawless vintage automobiles, but you need the help of Trans Global Auto Logistics to work out how to get your prized car from the swap meet to its final destination.

What is the Pomona Swap Meet?

rear fins of a vintage muscle car

The Pomona Swap Meet is actually seven swap meet events that take place throughout the year. It’s widely considered the largest antique car show on the West Coast. Although it’s local to Southern California, car enthusiasts come from all over the globe to attend the shows and swap meets.

In addition to classic cars, hot rods, vintage trucks and other antique autos, visitors can shop for parts and various pieces of car memorabilia. Car collectors, mechanics and amateur enthusiasts often visit specifically to buy or sell a car, so you can understand why it’s practical to select a classic car transporter even before you attend the show.

Shipping from the Swap Meet

Arranging vintage car transport from the swap meet isn’t difficult, but you’ll save time and frustration if you work out as much as possible ahead of time. You ought to know what you want to buy, more or less, and where you want to ship it, which will allow you to estimate shipping costs, marine insurance, destination charges and other fees.

As a seller, you won’t know where you need to transport your car until after it’s sold. That reduces your ability to predict all the possible costs and documentation. However, you can always keep your shipping company on standby. Talk to them ahead of time to let them know you’re attending the car show with plans to sell or trade a vehicle.

Choosing a Shipping Method

After selecting a classic car transporter, you need to figure out how you want to ship the vehicle. Continental shipments may be done on a car carrier truck. Sometimes, even domestically, it makes more sense to transport the automobile on a cargo ship.

Container ships and Roll-On/Roll-Off ships are ideal for overseas shipping, as well. Depending on the particular method you choose, your vehicle can arrive at its destination within the month. If you want to ship your vehicle faster, then you can think about air freight.

We’re a classic car transporter that understands how to take care of your car during every step of the shipping process. Trans Global Auto Logistics knows how much you value your vintage automobiles. Contact us to discuss the details of transporting your classic car today.

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