How Auto Shipping Services Cut Down Time & Stress

How Auto Shipping Services Cut Down Time & Stress
June 1, 2020 Aldo Flores
Auto shipping services

Auto shipping services do more than transport your vehicle. Auto transport carriers take a huge weight off your shoulders and give you peace of mind with the professional service you need. Whether you’re moving internationally or just need to transport a vehicle from where it is to the jobsite it’s needed at, professional shipping carriers who specialize in vehicles are your best bet for getting it where it needs to be safely, on-time, and with the least amount of headaches for you.

Auto Shipping Services

Auto shippers are logistics partners who are experts in the field of vehicle transportation. Vehicles have unique shipping concerns that other cargo doesn’t always need to contend with. Vehicles are larger, bulkier, and have delicate protrusions. You can’t stack other cargo on top of a vehicle directly. The center of gravity can be higher than with regular cargo. These are all factors that have to be considered when transporting a vehicle.

Auto shipping services are also specialists in the rules and requirements for moving large and valuable cargo across borders. Customs requirements change from nation to nation, requiring special permits, fees, or licenses to move vehicles into or out of a country. Shippers already have working relationships with the ports of entry, giving them the ability to ease your vehicle through customs in the shortest amount of time possible. Even when shipping domestically, their experience can be invaluable.

A ship used by auto carrier services headed out to sea

Why Use Auto Transport Carriers?

Anytime you need to transport a vehicle, auto shipping services should be your first step toward getting the job done. They offer several advantages over trying to arrange shipping yourself.

  • They Save You Money – If you decide to try to drive your vehicle a long distance, if it’s even possible, you’re going to miss a lot of savings. Those costs come as more than just fuel and tolls, as your vehicle undergoes a large amount of wear and tear in a relatively short amount of time. This can add up to new tires, added maintenance costs, and the hazards associated with taking a vehicle on a long distance road trip in potentially inclement weather. Auto shipping services arrange pickup and drop off as close to the points of origination and destination as possible. This gives you fewer miles on your engine and no need for tank after tank of gas.
  • They Save You Time – When you decide to transport a vehicle yourself, you’re not only giving up money but also time. Driving long distances safely can take days, with rest stops to allow for sleep and refreshment, fuel stops, and traffic. A partner driver can cut down on time, but doubles some road expenses. Working with auto shipping services means avoiding this lost time by picking up your vehicle and delivering it safely and professionally to its destination while you are able to maintain your day-to-day activities or other responsibilities during a move.
  • They Save You Stress – From mapping routes and fuel stops to logistics concerns crossing water and customs regulations, there’s a lot of planning that can go into transporting a vehicle long distance. If it’s a one way trip for the vehicle but not the driver, you also have to add in planning (and expenses) for return trips. Auto shipping services handle the planning and execution for you. Once a pickup and drop off date is agreed to, they take care of the rest, moving your vehicle safely and efficiently.
  • They Keep Your Vehicle Safer – Auto transport carriers use their specialized experience to secure and protect your vehicle during transport. This helps cut down on everything from gravel dings due to use on the road to load shifts or improper loading into shipping containers for over-water shipping. Letting the professionals do the job preserves the value of your vehicle.

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