Potential Risks to Consider When Exporting Motorcycles

Potential Risks to Consider When Exporting Motorcycles
March 28, 2020 Aldo Flores
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What to Avoid When Transporting Your Motorcycle

Exporting a motorcycle is more or less a straightforward process, but if you’ve never done it before, it can seem overwhelming. Trans Global Auto Logistics can help novice shippers looking to export a personal motorcycle as well as expert exporters interested in transporting a fleet of bikes. Not only can we equip you with everything you need to prepare for shipping, but we can also help you to avoid the common risks involved with transporting motorcycles.

Risk 1: Failing to Get a Check-Up Before Shipping

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People who are unaccustomed to exporting motorcycles often remember the big details but forget the small ones, such as routine motorcycle maintenance. As you get your bike ready for shipping—which includes removing accessories and washing it—you should get it checked by your mechanic, as well. Having it looked over ensures that nothing will go wrong when it gets to where it’s going. If something is wrong, then you can get it fixed quickly.

Risk 2: Assuming that Price Is Everything

You want to get the best deal on shipping rates. That’s understandable. While transporting a motorcycle is cheaper than shipping a car, it’s still a costly endeavor. You can’t jump at the freight forwarder with the lowest quote without considering a few things. First and foremost, read up on reviews about any carrier company on your list. Schedule a consultation so that you can ask extensive questions about what you need to do and what they will provide.

Risk 3: Skimming the Quote

You should never skim the quote. It’s imperative that you go over any quotes you receive thoroughly to understand the full breadth of the services being offered. You also need to understand what’s not included in the quote so that you don’t go into this with expectations for shipping your bike that your carrier company can’t meet. For instance, some freight companies don’t include Customs clearance, packing materials, or port dues in their quote.

Risk 4: Forgetting about Fees and Taxes

Exporting a motorcycle isn’t much different from exporting anything else insofar as fees and taxes are involved. We mentioned that you may have to pay port dues, but that doesn’t include Customs fees, licensing, and import or export taxes. Research all of the fees associated with exporting so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

Risk 5: Failing to Provide the Proper Paperwork

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When transporting a motorcycle, the bike will be checked at a variety of points along its journey. At those points, it needs to be accompanied by the correct documentation and paperwork. Don’t try to ship your bike unless you have proof of ownership and an inspection report.

It helps to work with a company that’s knowledgeable in exporting motorcycles. Call Trans Global Auto Logistics to talk about your exporting needs and to request a quote from us.

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