RoRo vs. Container Shipping

RoRo vs. Container Shipping
February 20, 2020 Aldo Flores
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Comparing Container and RoRo Shipping Rates and Times

RoRo vs. container shipping is a huge decision to make regarding the transportation of your car, motorcycle or recreational vehicle. They are the two most common methods used to ship automobiles, but they’re worlds apart in terms of what they offer and the processes used to load and unload your vehicle. There’s also a difference between RoRo shipping rates and the rates for container shipping.

Trans Global Auto Logistics can help you pick the best option for your automobile and timeline. We offer information on shipping speeds, costs and deadlines, as well as the safest method for your vehicle.

Shipping Method

In considering the pros and cons of RoRo vs. container shipping, you first have to think about how your vehicle will be transported. With RoRo, your car or RV is driven right onto the vessel, where it is firmly secured to the ship deck. The cars are held inside the ship, keeping them safe from the elements and the sea.

As the term implies, container shipping involves storing your car or motorcycle in a container. Typically, your vehicle is stored with other cars that are bound for the same destination. However, you can also spend extra to secure a single container for your vehicle.

Average Cost

RoRo shipping rates usually run somewhere in the middle of consolidated and single container shipping. It depends on the size of the vehicle you want to transport and the distance of your destination, as well. A compact car may only cost $750 or so.

Consolidated containers are cheaper, primarily because each container holds so many other vehicles. Sole containers are significantly more expensive, but they can be the best option for protecting classic cars and expensive vehicles.

Everything Out

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Between RoRo vs. container shipping, there are differences in regulations and rules. Specifically, you can’t have any personal belongings in a vehicle that’s being shipped via RoRo vessel. Before transport, you need to remove all of your personal items and any maintenance items, including your spare tire. When you ship your car in a container, you can leave those items in the vehicle, as long as they’re properly secured. If you have enough room, you can even fill your car with various home goods and other belongings.

Shipping Time

Not only are there differences in container and RoRo shipping rates, but the shipping times vary as well. In general, RoRo shipping can take between three weeks and a month. Consolidated container shipping is generally 30-40 days or more. Single container shipping has the quickest times at two to three weeks.

Knowing the main points of RoRo vs. container shipping is essential for deciding the right shipping method. You can also consult with Trans Global Auto Logistics to work out the perfect option for your transportation needs. For more insight into the different shipping methods we utilize, check out our blog.

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