Rowing Across the Pacific With TGAL’s Ocean Freight Services

Rowing Across the Pacific With TGAL’s Ocean Freight Services
April 9, 2021 Chrissy Goodwin

The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest body of water on earth, covering more than 30 percent of the planet’s surface. Tropical storms and rogue waves make the ocean among the roughest waters in the world to navigate. Oaring for weeks across 50-foot waves alongside massive blue whales makes rowing across the Pacific Ocean one of the toughest journeys on earth, though certainly, the whale sightings help!

According to the Ocean Rowing Society, less than 440 rows have been completed successfully across the world’s oceans. The extreme physical, mental, and emotional challenge, though, will not stop the Endurance Limits team from rowing across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to break a world record. With support from Trans Global’s Pacific Ocean transport services, Endurance Limits will try to make rowing history to raise funds for a good cause.

Who are Endurance Limits?

Endurance Limits are a team of four friends who are no strangers to extreme challenges. These men are not endurance athletes or marine commandos, but normal guys with regular day jobs who enjoy pushing their own physical and mental limits. While establishing a new world record is the most challenging adventure they have ever signed up for, the team members have been on expeditions in the past that have stretched the limits of human endurance.

Endurance Limits Team Members

Darren Clawson, a police officer and the founder of the Endurance Limits team, has raced in jungle marathons and run across an entire country. Clawson’s police colleague, Aaron Worbey, has competed in rowing races across the Pacific Ocean. Darren Baker is a financial planner who has participated in many ultra-endurance swimming competitions. Simon Evans, an executive at an IT consulting firm, has taken part in plenty of rowing and cycling sporting events.

While Endurance Limits’ crew members may seem like your typical thrill-seekers, these guys are not competing in a world-record-breaking rowing race to get an adrenaline high and make a name for themselves. With help from TGAL’s Pacific Ocean transport services, Endurance Limits will strive to set a new world record to gain publicity and raise funds for their charitable missions.

Endurance Limits’ Mission

Endurance Limits was born from Hadley Clawson’s struggle with a rare form of epilepsy. The rare disorder caused Hadley to experience debilitating seizures throughout his life, which eventually left him mentally impaired and physically disabled. Hadley now lives in St. Elizabeth’s Centre for people with epilepsy and other profound disabilities, receiving 24/7 specialist care for his complex medical needs.

Hadley is Darren Clawson’s son, the founder of Endurance Limits. Darren formed the Endurance Limits team with three of his most daring and determined friends to help vulnerable people like his son live life to the fullest. The team is rowing across the Pacific Ocean to raise funds for charities and organizations that help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Endurance Limits’ charitable missions include:

Building a New Health Center

A disabled individual sitting in a wheelchair in an outdoors environment

St Elizabeth’s Centre, where Hadley currently lives, has launched a fundraising campaign to build a new specialist healthcare facility so they can deliver better care to their physically and mentally impaired residents. Endurance Limits came up with the idea of rowing across the Pacific and setting a new world record in order to raise $150,000 for upgrading St. Elizabeth’s facilities.

Building an onsite health center will not only benefit St. Elizabeth’s residents, but it can also improve the lives of thousands of people around the world. St. Elizabeth’s specialist health center can provide valuable data and clinical trial participants to world-renowned research programs, helping scientists find new solutions for neurological disorders like epilepsy.

With logistics support from TGAL’s Pacific Ocean transport services, a world-record-breaking row across the Pacific will bring more attention to St. Elizabeth’s fundraising campaign, helping them acquire enough resources to build the needed facility.

Increasing Awareness of Alternative Treatments

Endurance Limits is promoting and raising funds for Matthew’s Friends to increase public awareness of alternative treatment options for epilepsy.

Matthew’s Friends is a non-profit organization that educates and provides resources to families that want to adopt ketogenic therapies for relieving epileptic seizures.

Numerous studies have found the ketogenic diet to be very effective in patients that do not respond to anti-epileptic drugs. Rowing across the Pacific with a Matthew’s Friend logo on Endurance Limits’ boat will bring the organization into the spotlight and increase people’s knowledge on alternative treatment options for chronic seizures.

Supporting Cleaner Oceans

The world’s oceans are choking on plastic pollution. In the Pacific Ocean alone, an area three times the size of France has become one of the largest dumps for plastic garbage in the world. Plastics have toxic chemicals that harm both marine and human health. Toxins from plastic waste in the oceans enter the human food chain through seafood and tap water, causing neurological disorders like epilepsy among other health conditions.

With support from TGAL’s Pacific Ocean transport services, Endurance Limits will use this world-record-breaking event to raise money for The Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) Clean Seas program. MCS is working with governments, businesses, and communities around the world to reduce plastic pollution and promote cleaner oceans. Rowing across the Pacific and breaking the current world record will help MCS’s fundraising campaign gain more public attention and resources, supporting cleaner oceans and healthier lives.

The Current World Record in Pacific Ocean Rowing

To get maximum publicity for these charities and raise funds for their philanthropic goals, Endurance Limits must try to break the current world record in Pacific Ocean rowing. The current world record was set during the Great Pacific Race in 2016 by the Uniting Nations team.

Uniting Nations was able to row from Monterey, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, in 39 days, 9 hours, and 56 minutes, setting a new Guinness World Record as the fastest westbound crossing to Hawaii. Endurance Limits must break Uniting Nations’ record to make rowing history and accomplish their charitable goals.

TGAL’s Role in Helping Endurance Limits Break the World Record

Trans Global Auto Logistics is honored to help Endurance Limits row across the Pacific Ocean in record time so they can accomplish their charitable goals. TGAL is not only sponsoring the event, but will also handle all of Endurance Limits’ Pacific Ocean transport requirements to help the team make rowing history. With more than 30 years of experience in international boat shipping and ocean transportation, TGAL has the expertise needed to facilitate the logistics of this high-profile sporting event.

Endurance Limits is building a new rowing boat at a manufacturing facility in Devon, UK, to participate in this event. The boat should be shipped through the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to reach its destination port in Monterey, California. From Monterey, California, the team must row 2,700 miles across the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu, Hawaii, in less than 39 days to break the current world record. TGAL will manage all of Endurance Limits’ shipping needs across multiple oceans so the team has more time to prepare for setting a new world record.

A cargo ship carrying countless containers on sea during daytime

The Process of Transporting Endurance Limits’ Boat

A fully bonded and licensed freight forwarder, TGAL uses its relationship with multiple logistics and shipping partners around the world to transport Endurance Limits’ boat to its final destination. Our Pacific Ocean transport services start by hauling the boat from its manufacturing facility in Devon, UK, to delivering it at the destination beach in Monterey, California. Below, we explain the seven processes that TGAL goes through to ship Endurance Limits’ boat for rowing across the pacific:

  1. Export haulage TGAL arranges for the boat to be transported on land from the manufacturer’s premises to the warehouse of a shipping partner in the UK.
  2. Export customs clearance – Our shipping partner will submit the required documents to UK authorities to clear the boat for export.
  3. Origin handling The boat is inspected, placed inside a container and then moved to a seaport where it is loaded onto a ship.
  4. Ocean freight – The boat is transported by a shipping line or charterer contracted by TGAL.
  5. Import customs clearance – TGAL submits documents and pays customs duties to US authorities to obtain clearance for importing the boat.
  6. Destination handling – The container with the boat is unloaded from the ship and transported to one of TGAL’s warehouses.
  7. Cargo delivery – TGAL delivers the boat to Endurance Limits in Monterey, California, for rowing across the pacific.

Partner With TGAL to Transport Your Boat Around the World

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