Single Car Transport Quotes

Single Car Transport Quotes
June 24, 2020 Aldo Flores
single vehicle transport quote

Single car transport may sound easy, but when you’re trusting an expensive asset like a vehicle to a shipper, you want to know that every effort is being made to keep your vehicle safe and secure. Unlike bulk or freight shipping, which is frequently used to move multiple cars across vast distances and oceans, single-car carriers focus on a single vehicle and how to move it quickly and efficiently on its own.

As your go-to source for vehicle shipping, we have a wealth of experience in both types of transportation, and can help you understand what to expect when moving a single vehicle nationally, such as from one side of the contiguous United States to the other.

Single Car Transport

When shipping a single vehicle domestically or even internationally, your first choice is how you want it transported.

  • Open Transport – Generally more economical, open transport sees your vehicle loaded onto a flatbed trailer where it is secured. While it may be tarped, it will otherwise be open to the elements during the trip as a truck pulls the trailer from the load point to the unloading destination.
  • Closed Transport – Single transport for your car in a closed container is generally more expensive, but provides more protection for your vehicle. Your vehicle is secured inside an enclosed trailer, keeping it out of the elements and hidden from potential vandals or thieves.

While open transport may be adequate for trips in gentle weather or for relatively short shipping distances, for lengthier transports or transports where inclement weather is likely, you may want to choose a single-vehicle carrier that can arrange for closed transport. In these situations the additional cost can be well worth it.

A car loaded onto a single-vehicle transport trailer

Classic Car Transport

If you are shipping a classic or collectable car, you will need to ensure you use not only closed single car transport, but also that they have the experience needed to move a more valuable and condition sensitive vehicle. These cars often require special care when loading and unloading. Furthermore, additional insurance may be required to ensure your freight is safe. Your single car carrier should help you navigate this process so that your classic vehicle is fully protected on its journey.

Single Car Transport Rates

Rates for vehicle freight are highly dependent on the details of your shipping needs. This includes not only open versus closed transport and additional care needs for condition sensitive vehicles, but also the type of vehicle in general. A compact car weighs far less than a full sized van, and that weight difference factors into the price the single-vehicle carrier will charge as they’ll be looking at their estimated fuel costs.

In general, rates can start around $0.60 per mile for a vehicle traveling at least 1000 miles and increases from there. For shorter trips, there may be a flat rate or minimum rate a carrier charges for single-vehicle transport.

Free Transport Estimate

The easiest way to get an accurate rate for your transport is to get an estimate from an auto logistics company you can count on. With over three decades of experience, we can walk you through the ins-and-outs of safe, efficient vehicle shipping. It all starts when you request a free quote.

We’ll ask for some basic information to get started, such as the year, make, and model of the vehicle, where it needs to be picked up at, and where it’s being transported to. Our staff is ready to help you understand your shipping options and how they affect the cost of your shipping services. Our priority is making sure your vehicle arrives safe and on time.

Move your vehicle with the single-vehicle transport pros. Contact Trans Global Auto Logistics today.

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