TGAL Sponsors World Record Attempt: 2,700-mile Row Across the Pacific Ocean

TGAL Sponsors World Record Attempt: 2,700-mile Row Across the Pacific Ocean
January 11, 2021 Aldo Flores
A crew of two men wearing blue shirts in a white boat rowing in turbulent waters

A 2,700-mile row across the Pacific Ocean is something most of us could never dream of, yet that is exactly what a four-man crew will set out to accomplish in June of 2021. The Endurance Limits Pacific Row Challenge team will set sail in Monterey, California—where the crew will row all the way to Honolulu, Hawaii. While setting a World Record is the ultimate accomplishment, this mission is for much more than just a name in the record books.

Row Across The Pacific Ocean The story behind Endurance Limits is one of incredible endurance itself. It’s the story of Hadley, the son of founding team member Darren Clawson. Hadley developed a rare medical condition that causes seizures when he was just 20 months old. The condition became so severe that Hadley had hundreds of seizures a day and eventually the seizures became near constant. Clawson remembers the words the doctor said to him when Hadley’s condition deteriorated.

“It’s not possible to keep suffering like this, the human body just can’t take this level of punishment for long. Hadley has reached his Endurance Limits, Clawson recalls.

A sick child lying in a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask

It was during that darkest point that Clawson felt compelled to give back and help families facing similar situations. In the weeks that followed, Hadley persevered and was eventually able to come home. The road that followed Hadley’s homecoming was challenging. Because of the severe seizures, Hadley now 14, is unable to walk, talk, or develop like a typical teenager. He still suffers from occasional seizures and requires around-the-clock care.

He now lives at St. Elizabeth’scentre for children with Epilepsy and other profound disabilities. The state-of-the-art facility cares for some of the most vulnerable children.

A handicapped young man smiling and sitting in a wheelchair bicycle with a middle-aged man behind him

Clawson, who has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, discovered a desperate need for a Hydrotherapy pool at the center. A Hydrotherapy pool helps the children with strength, mobility, and perhaps most importantly—provides them an outlet to have fun and simply be kids. Currently, only four children at the facility can participate in Hydrotherapy—but an onsite pool would become a valuable resource for the entire community.

A crew of two men wearing blue shirts in a white boat rowing in turbulent waters

Clawson and the three other crew members decided that rowing across the Pacific Ocean would be the perfect way to raise money for the cause. While the challenge is extreme, it symbolizes just how dedicated the team is to raise the 150-thousand dollars it will cost to install the pool.

The record-breaking row is certain to test the team’s endurance, but if history has taught us anything– it’s that perseverance and a will to succeed can overcome even the most daunting odds.

A happy family with three children celebrating a birthday with a chocolate cake in the mother's hand

Trans Global Auto Logistics UK and US are teaming up with Endurance Limits to manage all the transportation of the team’s boat. The boat is currently being built in Devon, UK and will be shipped to Monterey and back to the UK.

To follow along with the team’s journey or donate to the cause visit

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