Boat Shipping

You’ve worked hard to afford the boat of your dreams and shipping it across the world can feel overwhelming. Understanding the differences in boat shipping to various places and getting the best deal can be difficult. Let us handle your boat shipping needs and we’ll work with our existing network to make the process painless and affordable.

Our International Shipping

We can help you transport your boat to any place in the world due to our established services with trusted carriers. We can handle international shipping to get your boat to the destination you need.

Our 30 years as a bonded freight forwarder gives us the experience to deliver your boat in pristine condition to anywhere in the world. Choose from multiple shipping methods that have various delivery timelines and gain access to international boat shipping companies that make picking up your vessel an easy process.

Shipping From USA to Australia

Boat shipping from the USA to Australia has a high potential to become a logistical headache. Getting the boat shipped is only one part of the process, as you’ll have to deal with complicated legal and logistical problems. Our extensive experience in boat shipping to Australia from the US means we have the background and expertise to move a boat to the Sydney Harbor in a safe and reliable manner.

We’ve built relationships with carriers and shipping lines that give us priority and allow us to offer you the best rates available.

General Requirements

The process of moving a boat overseas can be complicated and rigorous, which is why our service tries to make it as streamlined as possible. For this process to really work well, it’s important that we work together to get your craft in the right state for international shipping.

We have all the resources you need to prepare your boat for a long haul so when we take over, you don’t have to worry about anything. From cleaning and removing personal items to securing all pieces of the boat for shipping over international waters, we’ll make sure you know all the steps to get your boat ready for a long journey.

Why Choose Trans Global Auto Logistics

Our commitment to global logistics over the last 30 years has helped us develop key relationships within the industry that make our service the go-to provider for international boat shipping. We’ll use our network of shipping lines and charterers to get you the best price while still providing a reliable and safe shipping experience.

We know the complicated process of shipping boats over international waters and will have no trouble filling out the paperwork and configuring your shipping methods to get you the best deal possible. Once you request a free quote we’ll look over your information and help guide you through the rest of the process.

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