Classic Car Transport

Our Drag Plate Reads “Shipping Expert”

No shipping company understands car enthusiasts like Trans Global Auto Logistics. We know that not only are your prized vehicles rare but also full of irreplaceable memories. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer secure classic car transport.

Utilizing a variety of classic car transport services, we can create a custom cargo plan that takes into account the location of your car, its final destination, your budget, and your ideal timeline. With over 30 years in the business and 15,000+ vehicles shipped each year, classic car shipping is more than a Trans Global service — it’s our specialty.

Expert-Level Attention To Detail

Vintage automobiles require a heightened level of care and transport security. It’s hard enough getting a car from one state to another on your own, let alone taking it with you overseas. As a leader in the classic car import and export industry, our logistics services and safety parameters during transport are unparalleled. After putting so much money and time into your classic car collection, you deserve the peace of mind when you’re ready to ship abroad.

What sets Trans Global apart from other classic car transport companies is our ability to handle everything. Owning and operating our own warehouses gives us the freedom to handle every aspect of classic car shipping with total control. It’s also why we’re able to provide you with competitive rates that won’t drain your savings.

Contact us about classic car transport today. We’re available to answer any questions you have about specific shipping requirements.

Classic Car Transport Services

• Open or Enclosed transport within the U.S.
• Detailed vehicle inspection
• Customized Loading services
• Marine Insurance
• Overseas Door Delivery
• Photos taken of vehicles on pick up, prior to packing, and after packing and provided to customer

Vehicle Shipping Services

(Depending on customer needs, services may vary)

• Inland Transportation to the port
• International ocean transport to major World Wide destination ports
• Export Documentation Preparation and Filing
• Customs Export Clearance
• Marine Insurance
• Customs Clearance Services at Destination
• Overseas Door Delivery

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