Military Vehicle Shipping

Military Vehicle Shipping
October 19, 2020 Aldo Flores
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A Complete Guide to Military Car Shipping Overseas

Shipping a POV for military personnel who are transitioning to a new duty post is a vital part of bringing a little bit of home with you wherever you go. Our vehicles occupy a unique position in our life as transportation, entertainment, tools for relaxation, and as an expression of our personality. Military vehicle shipping is meant to aid service members who would otherwise find it complicated to bring their personally owned vehicles to a new duty station, whether because of a move overseas or across the country. As a leading military car shipping company and freight forwarder, we’re ready to help you move your property, including your favorite vehicles, to your new duty location.

PCSing With Vehicles

For military service members transferring to a new duty location inside the United States from another stateside duty location, you are often authorized per diem and mileage to move your own vehicle. For international duty assignments or those returning from an overseas posting, the military will cover the expense of shipping a single POV. Second vehicles are not covered, nor is transport to or from Army POV shipping ports. For these situations, private arrangements can be made to get your military vehicle shipped to your new duty station.

Transport Types

Your vehicle can take a couple of different modes of transportation to your destination. These can affect the timeframe for delivery and your cost, and largely depend on where you’re transporting your vehicle to and from.

  • Ground Transport – Most commonly seen for military vehicle shipping within CONUS or European duty stations, your vehicle is loaded onto a transport trailer where it’s secured, then hauled to the destination. This is also frequently used when you need to move a vehicle from its location to a shipping port for further travel.
  • Air Transport – The most expensive and quickest delivery option under most circumstances, this mode of transport is used the least.
  • Ocean Transport – The most cost-effective transport for international moves, your vehicle is driven onto a specially designed RORO ship or loaded into a shipping container and carried on a cargo vessel. Transport times can take a month or more depending on shipping availability, but offer safe, efficient service for shipping your military car overseas.

A container ship often used for shipping military POVs to overseas duty locations.

Preparing Your Military Vehicle for Shipping

In order to ship your military car overseas, you’ll need to make sure it complies with certain standards, just as it would traveling through Army POV shipping ports.

  • All non-factory installed accessories or personal items must be removed. This includes GPS and A/V systems and any removable aesthetic additions. No personal effects are allowed, although the hand tools that come with the vehicle, a spare tire or two spare snow tires, and car seats are permitted. Remove your license plates and carry them with you.
  • Must have ¼ tank of fuel or less. This is a safety consideration.
  • Must be in a safe operating condition. Ensure your parking brake is functional, there are no leaks, and all recall situations have been addressed and documented through the manufacturer.
  • The entire vehicle must be cleaned inside and out. This includes removing all dirt and vegetation from under the hood, wheel wells, and undercarriage of the vehicle. Likewise, the inside should be clean and free of any dirt, debris, or personal effects. EPA and DOT stickers should be visible and legible. It will be inspected, and if it does not pass, import/export will not be allowed.
  • Keys for all parts of the vehicle must be available. Inspectors will need access to the glove box, trunk, hood, and/or liftgate. Every key needed for the vehicle and any of its compartments, including the key for wheel locks, must be included.
  • Documentation must be present. This includes the title in the service member or spouse’s name (if owned) or notarized authorization from the lienholder or lessor allowing the vehicle’s export, a copy of your duty orders, inspection forms, signed and certified powers of attorney allowing your agent to ship and receive a vehicle in your name and valid notification information where the owner and/or service member of the military POV can be reached. Your local personal property office can also help you understand any location-specific documentation requirements.

Getting Ready for PCS with Military Vehicle Shipping

Early planning with a military car shipping company is the best way to avoid unforeseen complications. As soon as you know you’re transferring duty stations and will be shipping your military vehicle, contact Trans Global Auto Logistics to begin the quote process. With over 30 years of experience, our specialists can help make sure your vehicle is ready to transfer with you.

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