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How To Prepare Your Boat For International Shipping

How To Prepare Your Boat For International Shipping
May 8, 2018 Aldo Flores
Boat being shipped internationally

How To Prepare Your Boat For Overseas Shipping

As the captain of your yacht, houseboat or other type of vessel, you know it’s critical to chart your course correctly when you hit the open waters. The same principle applies when you arrange for your boat to be shipped internationally. Although you won’t be consulting maps and charts, you’ll still need to plot the right course to ensure that your boat is handled properly throughout the process.

If you fail to correctly prepare your boat for shipping, the consequences can be serious. You may be hit with fines and unexpected surcharges that will inflate the shipping cost. Or you may discover that your boat has been damaged during shipping. To keep your investment safe and sound, here are some very basic tips on how to ship a boat overseas.

Take Accurate Measurements

Precise measurements will ensure that you know exactly what to expect when it comes to shipping costs. Accurate measurements also are important because they may determine whether or not you will require special permits. The company handling the boat shipping for you also needs to know the boat’s exact measurements so it knows what procedures it will use to handle the boat properly.

Prepare the Boat

Preparing your boat for the international shipping process means removing anything on the exterior that could be damaged or removed. This includes propellers, antennas, lights and trim. Inside your boat, you will need to secure all cabinets and windows. Remove any loose cargo that could bounce around inside your cabin during the shipping process. Make sure that all water containers and systems inside the boat are emptied. Lastly, make sure you wrap the exterior of the vessel to protect it during shipment.

Mind the Details

Your shipping agent should be able to provide you with all of the relevant details associated with your shipment, including:

  • The type of transportation being used to get the boat to and from the port
  • All loading and unloading fees
  • All necessary documentation

Using an experienced international freight shipping company will make this portion of the preparations much easier for you.

Plotting the right course is essential when sailing on the open seas, and it’s just as important when you’re preparing your boat for international shipping. Before you have your boat shipped overseas, make sure you follow these tips. For more information and a quote, contact Trans Global Auto Logistics. Find out how Trans Global can reduce your worries and meet your international shipping needs.

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