Marine Insurance PDF for Claim Requirements

Please view our helpful marine insurance PDF to learn how to file an insurance claim. Trans Global Auto Logistics is a leader in the shipping and freight forwarding industry. We have more than 30 years of experience with importing and exporting personal possessions, vehicles, boats, and heavy equipment. Working together, we do everything in our power to ensure the safe shipment of your items. To assist you in understanding how to submit a claim, we’ve compiled a list of claim requirements and submission forms.

Filing a Claim

Our marine insurance PDF details everything you need to file a claim. The most important thing to do first is to read your Marine Insurance Certificate in its entirety. It contains vital information about giving notice of your claim and where to do it, as well as a list of what you can claim under the policy.

You need to provide several documents to meet the claim requirements, including:

  • The original insurance policy/Certificate of Insurance that was emailed to you
  • Request for a subrogation letter
  • Copy of your shipping invoice
  • Origin Inspection Report
  • Evidence of loss or damage, e.g., a Survey Report, photographs, or inspection form
  • Delivery receipt or pick-up receipt revealing the damages at the time of delivery or pick-up
  • Landing account and weight notes from the final destination
  • Estimate of repairs, with English translation as needed
  • Photographs of damages that reveal the damage itself and the location of the damage
  • Ocean Bill of Lading
  • Correspondence with carriers and all other involved parties detailing any liability for damages or loss

In addition to reading the marine insurance PDF, you need to submit the appropriate claim form: with marine insurance and without marine insurance. You can always get in touch with Trans Global Auto Logistics for additional help.

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