What to Expect with Trans Global Auto Logistics:

Our Process

Trans global logistics means having the ability to move your goods or property around the world with complete peace of mind that the transfer is being managed by industry leading professionals. As specialists in auto logistics and heavy goods shipping, Trans Global Auto Logistics is built around delivering on our commitment to safe, efficient transport. This creates a great value for our customers by ensuring they’ll get their shipment on time and in excellent condition. As a licensed and insured Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC), we have the flexibility and expertise to make your international shipping experience a trouble-free process.

Customer Service Is Our Priority

At Trans Global Auto Logistics, we’ve built a reputation of trust with our clients. Industry leading logistics tools help you keep track of your goods during the journey, while our experience and risk mitigation protects your bottom line. Whether you’re moving heavy goods or need an auto logistics partner, we’re ready to help. Request a free quote and ease your shipping worries today.

Services We Offer

At Trans Global Auto Logistics, we’ve had experience moving cargo of all types across the country or around the world. A dock where container ships are loaded and unloaded.

  • Auto Logistics Transport your vehicles without risking excessive wear, subjecting them to the elements, or endangering their condition. Boats, cars, heavy equipment, and RVs can all be moved safely and efficiently.
  • Household PropertyWhen duty calls, you answer. We can help make you feel at home half-way around the world by arranging for professional transport of your family’s household items.
  • Heavy GoodsWhatever your ongoing import/export needs are, we can move your heavy shipments of freight goods seamlessly through borders.

Starting Your Transport Process

The first step to working with Trans Global Auto Logistics is requesting a free quote about your cargo. This gives us some basic information to work with to understand your needs. Our shipping specialists will work to understand not just the big picture, but the specifics involved so they can give you an accurate estimate on professional transportation.

Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle transportation is one of our most common requests. From moving classic cars across the country to getting your Jeep to a new overseas duty station, we’re ready to make auto logistics an efficient, pain-free process. Whether you need to move a boat, plane, car, or heavy industrial equipment, the process is similar.

  • Decide Whether Open Or Closed Transport Is Better – For short-distance shipments, especially when you have a reasonable expectation that weather will not be inclement, open transport, where the vehicle is carried on an open trailer, may be a more economical choice. Closed Transport options see your vehicle loaded into a cargo container or closed trailer, offering more protection from the elements and increased security.
  • Talk To Our Shipping SpecialistsYou’ll want to discuss your vehicle’s needs directly with one of our auto logistics pros. They’ll talk to you about how you want your vehicle shipped, export/import concerns, and how best to prepare it for the journey. Once the details are finalized, we get to work arranging your transportation with the haulers, vessel operators, and agents who will facilitate the move.
  • Prepare Your VehicleYou’ll get your vehicle ready to go. This includes clearing it of personal effects and making sure it has the appropriate fuel level. This is also when you want to make sure it’s covered for transportation by agreed-value insurance, especially if it’s a custom or collectable vehicle that has value beyond its “Blue Book” price.
  • Loading Your VehicleWe can arrange for open or closed transport domestically to the post where your vehicle will depart. On pickup, photos will be taken and a full inspection documenting the vehicle and its condition will be recorded. This same inspection will also be repeated prior to packing into a shipping container or cargo hull so you have complete peace of mind that your vehicle is being professionally secured and transported.
  • TransportTrans Global Auto Logistics is an industry leader in customer support. You’ll be able to monitor the process step-by-step as your vehicle progresses. We’re able to offer concierge customs clearance that helps ensure your vehicle is back in your hands as soon as possible.
  • After ArrivalOnce it arrives at its destination, your vehicle will be reinspected to ensure that it has safely made the journey. If transport is needed from the port to your pick-up location, we make sure you receive professional service all the way through your vehicle’s final delivery.

Household Property

Moving is always an adventure, and moving globally doubly so. You don’t have to start from scratch after the move. Trans Global Auto Logistics helps transport your home goods to your new front door, anywhere in the world.

  • Make A List – You’ll want to decide on everything you’re wanting to ship to your new home. Some items you may decide to leave in storage, sell for moving expenses, or replace once you arrive, but items making the trip will need to be accounted for.
  • Talk To Our Shipping SpecialistsThey’ll help you understand your shipping options, and whether a full container or partial container will be right for you. They’ll arrange for the pickup from your current location, as with traditional movers, and the transfer to a vessel for shipping abroad.
  • Prepare For Your MoveJust as with any other move, you’ve got a lot of work to do. The difference is you can trust that your property’s journey from the time it is picked up until it is delivered to your new residence is being professionally managed by Trans Global Auto Logistics, providing secure transport and navigating customs offices along the way.

Heavy Goods Shipping

Moving your products is vital, and in an increasingly complex global trade environment, experts in the field are critical to your bottom line. As a licensed and insured NVOCC and freight forwarder, we’re uniquely positioned to help you move your property through customs securely and efficiently.

  • Itemize The Goods To Be Shipped – You’ll need to know the dimensions and weight of the pieces in your shipment. It also helps to understand whether you’ll need a one-time freight solution or ongoing shipping services.
  • Speak With A Freight Specialist – Trans Global Logistics is ready to ease your shipping pain points. With extensive experience, we can arrange full container shipping, partial container shipping, and even air freight shipping to meet your needs. Whether your priority is keeping costs low or moving goods quickly, we have options available.
  • We Handle The Details – From moving your goods to securing them on the vessel, you’ll know your cargo is professionally managed for its entire journey. We work with major carriers to keep your shipping rates as low as possible. When it comes to paperwork, we document everything including the safe arrival and loading of your merchandise, and manage the documentation needed to move it efficiently across international borders. We even offer secure storage locations at all stops so you know your property is safe.

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