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Documentation & Resources for Your Shipping Needs

Presenting the right shipping documentation at ports of entry is an important part of the shipping process. Even for domestic movement, the right paperwork satisfies regulatory requirements, helps protect your investment in your property, and keeps your goods moving smoothly toward their destination. As leaders in the global logistics and auto transportation field, we’ve built our business practices from years of experience. To help you streamline your transportation needs, we’ve compiled some of our most commonly requested resources for your convenience.

U.S. Documentation And Requirements

The bulk of our clients are moving vehicles or other freight through the United States border, and United States shipping documentation, instructions, and resources are among our most requested downloads. Whether you’re shipping a car overseas for a new duty assignment or bringing in the collector car of your dreams, this information will help you understand the process, prepare the vehicle for transport, and ensure an easy customs process.

International Shipping Documentation And Requirements

Moving your vehicle to another country is always an undertaking, but we work to make the shipping documentation process easy to understand and give you the peace of mind you need throughout the journey. Our international reputation is built on working relationships with some of the largest carriers, importers, and organizations around the world. This helps us provide the guidance you need to ensure your vehicle or property has a safe and timely transit to its destination.

Exporting to Australia

Shipping to Australia

Exporting to New Zealand

Shipping to New Zealand

Exporting to UK

Shipping to UK

Exporting to Germany

Shipping to Germany

Exporting to Netherlands

Shipping to Netherlands

Exporting to France

Shipping to France

Claim Requirements

One benefit of using a professional logistics company is the protection it gives you. While no one wants to use their insurance, in the event it’s needed, marine insurance protection helps mitigate the financial impact of a full or partial loss.

Terms and Conditions

Full transparency protects our clients, which is why we offer full disclosure about our shipping documentation, bills of lading, and logistics services. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team for more information.

International Shipping Experts

We’re ready to help you undertake the biggest moves for your vehicles and freight. Contact us today to request a free quote for professional logistics services you can trust. Move your vehicles with Trans Global Auto Logistics today.

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