Shipping a Vehicle from Germany


Whether you’re moving, coming back from vacation, or buying a car, completing car imports from Germany doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Our guide below can help you determine what services will work best for your circumstances, ensure you’ve considered all the technical details, and gain the knowledge of how vehicles should be properly prepared for the journey. Car shipping from Germany to the USA can feel like a breeze with adequate preparation and an import service you trust.

The Basics: Ranges of Services

The variety of factors that play into the cost and time required for car imports make general estimations essentially impossible, so requesting a quote tailored to your individual needs for car shipping overseas is the best way to find out the range of costs and a possible time frame. If you shipped your vehicle to Germany, you can expect a similar cost and timeframe.

A range of services affects time and cost for car imports from Germany, such as the relative requirements of the ports of departure and entry and the car make and model. Since shipping by sea is more cost-effective than by air, this is the general practice for car imports, but there are still ranges of services for roll-on/roll-off vessels, shared or dedicated container shipping, and the options to add additional services such as inland transports, marine insurance, and escrow services to consider.

Technical Details: What You’ll Need to Consider

However, even if you’re just shipping your car back to the United States from Germany, don’t assume that the paperwork is already done. Some shipping documents are different for car imports versus car exports. Export duties and liabilities can also vary. Our experts can help you to understand the shipping logistics applicable to your circumstance so that you don’t have to interpret customs laws and prepare the required documentation for car imports from Germany on your own.

Car shipping from Germany to the United States, as for any import to America, requires that vehicles meet specific legal requirements to be safe to drive, though exceptions include some vehicles that will be used less than twelve months or those over 25 years old. Typically, imported vehicles should retain their original engines without modifications. A USDOT and EPA Compliance Review, conducted by an experienced attorney, will ensure your vehicle will pass these requirements.


Don’t Forget: Vehicle Preparation

Car imports from Germany follow the rules for vehicle shipment overseas, including needing cars to be clean with antifreeze protection down to temperatures below zero and no more than ¼ a tank of fuel. Even if you’re only buying a car from Germany, you may still be required to ensure the vehicle’s preparation before car shipping from Germany to the USA.

At Trans Global Auto Logistics, our comprehensive logistics services include detailed vehicle inspections and customized international vehicle import services to make sure your car will clear customs and be with you in no time. If you ship with us, all these details and more will be covered with our trusted, full-service auto transport carrier services.

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