Shipping a Vehicle from Hawaii


Whether you’re coming back from vacation, buying a car across the ocean, or returning from a work trip, shipping a car from Hawaii can be easier and faster than you think. If you follow the right procedures using a trusted auto transportation service, shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland United States will happen before you know it.

Shipping to Meet Your Needs

There are a variety of reasons and circumstances for shipping a car that necessitates different timelines and needs for the shipping process. Shipping options range from door to port or port to door, with freight taken by air (fastest, but most expensive) or by sea (slower, but more cost-effective). Costs can also vary due to the vehicle’s make and model. Additional services including inland transports or marine insurance also can affect the cost of shipping your car.

It is important to remember that shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland will have relatively the same cost and timeframe as shipping that vehicle from the mainland to Hawaii, assuming similar distance, transport type, and booking timing. Each port, both for departure from the mainland and entry into Hawaii, can have different associated costs and times. Different parts of the mainland United States are closer or farther to Hawaii, and which Hawaiian island port you choose can also dramatically affect the shipping process. Depending on your deadline, we can find a timeframe and price range that works for you. Trans Global Auto Logistics has multiple methods of shipping a car from Hawaii for your convenience. Request a quote to find out the specifics of your needs.

Don’t Forget the Details

Especially if you ship your vehicle to Hawaii from the mainland and you’re ready to get it back, make sure you check on the documentation requirements without assuming you have everything covered from the trip out to Hawaii. There is usually some extra paperwork required in shipping a car from Hawaii as opposed to sending it to Hawaii, including notarized letters of authorization with proof of ownership. Use these resources compiled by our experts to ensure you have these and all other required documentation.

Working with a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) or international freight forwarder may seem unnecessary for domestic transportation, but Trans Global Auto Logistics’ comprehensive logistics services provide experienced shipping at competitive rates, just what you need for a worry-free experience in shipping a car.

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Your Car in Good Hands

Trans Global Auto Logistics keeps your car in good hands no matter what state it’s in. Since we own and operate our warehouses, we have complete control over the care of your vehicle, ensuring safety from port to port (or door) when shipping your car. With no hidden costs, competitive rates, and dedicated experience with proven quality, Trans Global Auto Logistics can be your source for shipping a car from Hawaii worry-free. Get a quote today for shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland.

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