Shipping to Australia

Trans Global Auto Logistics helps you import and relocate your vehicle or other large shipments to Australia with ease. Moving possessions overseas or making purchases from abroad can be risky — especially when the process isn’t followed precisely. Our shipping experts navigate every detail of the process of freight shipping to Australia.

Container, RORO, and Air Freight Shipping to Australia

Importing and exporting vehicles is a mixture of paperwork, regulation, research and of course the physical moving of your car via roll-on roll-off (RORO) vessel, overseas container, or air freight shipping to Australia. Collectors are well-versed in the intricacies of moving vehicles from one place to another, and we allow high levels of customization to accommodate the requirements for your vintage automobiles.

If you are planning a big move or purchasing a collector’s vehicle, it helps to have someone knowledgeable on your side. Trans Global Auto Logistics helps you get your car safely from point A to B. With over thirty years in the business, we are experts in freight shipping to Australia.

Latest Rules on Imports to Australia

We have our own customs/quarantine depots in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which specialize in vehicles, however, before deciding to import your vehicle to Australia, there are a few guidelines to recognize.

The first ruling to be aware of would be the “rolling 25 year rule” which allows vehicles that are 25 years or older to be imported simply by meeting basic safety requirements. As of 2020, vehicles manufactured on or before 1995 are eligible for import. Another aspect of this ruling allows vehicles that have been purchased and used overseas for at least one year to be available for import as well. Coming in 2021, new requirements for importing specialty and enthusiast vehicles will take place. Read here to follow updates regarding SEV imports to Australia.

Another concern for the Australian Border Force (ABF) is the potential of importing foreign vehicles and parts containing asbestos. While the responsibility falls upon the importers to confirm that asbestos is not present in the vehicles which will be imported, the ABF is prepared to ask for verification if necessary. Thankfully, Trans Global has worked very hard over the past two years to build a complete offshore pre-cleaning and an asbestos pre-testing/removal program with the ABF. Now the only approved offshore cleaning facility by the Australian government in the U.S.A, our West Coast facility enables us to offer “Guaranteed Pre-Cleaning” meeting the Australian Biosecurity requirements for vehicles and motorcycles.

Professional Import Assistance

Trans Global Auto Logistics helps you follow the correct procedure for importing or exporting your vehicle. Our agents can assist you with the little details such as:

  • Identifying required documents
  • Proof that your vehicle meets requirements
  • Preparing to import with required permits
  • Importing your vehicle

Our network of agents and customs brokers works with you to help organize the smaller details of your overseas container or air freight to Australia.

Ship With Trans Global

We offer competitive rates and superior customer service on freight shipping to Australia. Contact Trans Global Auto Logistics today and discuss your specific shipping requirements with one of our representatives. No matter what you need transported, we’re here to make the process as effortless as possible.

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