The True Definition of Cargo Logistics

The True Definition of Cargo Logistics
March 31, 2020 Aldo Flores
Cargo Logistics Management

Understanding Cargo & Logistics Management

Cargo logistics apply to the process of handling your cargo, inspecting it, and following it along on its journey from point A to its final destination. Using organized cargo and logistics protocols allow your carrier to ensure safe transportation for your shipment. Logistics come into play with every type of transportation, including air freight and international ocean shipping. Read on to learn about the true definition of logistics as it applies to your cargo, then find out how Trans Global Auto Logistics can help you.

The Basics of Logistics for Your Cargo

a cargo ship taking off to sea

Cargo logistics are their own subject—technically. We’ll delve into the topic of logistics management in a second, but what you’ll notice immediately is that they intertwine to the point where it’s hard to tell where one subject begins and the other ends.

Across the industry, cargo logistics may be known by different names, such as freight logistics or shipping logistics. No matter the name used, they all come down to the same thing. The logistics of cargo shipping encompass the execution of the necessary activities involved in transporting your item(s).

The day-to-day responsibilities involved in the logistics management for cargo include:

  • Creating a network of carriers, freight forwarders, and transport operations
  • Negotiating conditions, expectations, and rates
  • Scheduling carriers and drivers
  • Submitting paperwork
  • Labeling goods and packages
  • Keeping track of the cargo throughout its journey
  • Working with Customs

That’s far from a comprehensive list. Without the proper logistics in place, there’s no guarantee that your shipment will end up in the right place.

A Look at Logistics Management

In terms of management, cargo and logistics are entwined. Where cargo logistics have more to do with the handling of shipments, general logistics are vital for planning every activity. For example, logistics as a whole branch out to include choosing and managing the fleet, arranging for transportation of the cargo, dealing with warehousing, order fulfillment, procurement, and planning. More importantly, cargo logistics keep up-to-date with the individual logistics of every point of transport.

Why Logistics Are Essential

airplanes being loaded at the terminal

Both the logistics of your cargo and the logistics management of your shipment, in general, are essential for a successful journey. Cargo logistics ensure that your shipment will be professionally inspected, inventoried, packed, and stored on its way to its destination. The overall logistics are in place to guarantee that your shipment reaches every stage of its trip on time and in pristine condition.

Cargo logistics involves working with your cargo in a more hands-on way. Logistics management works to create a smooth, seamless flow behind the scenes. Trans Global Auto Logistics can provide you with both, whether you want to transport your cargo via air freight, ocean freight, or by truck. Get in touch with us to receive a quote today. We can talk through exactly what you need.

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