Yacht Racing: Will the Infiniti 52 Change the Grand Prix Landscape?

Yacht Racing: Will the Infiniti 52 Change the Grand Prix Landscape?
November 9, 2021 Aldo Flores
Yatch Transportation

Allow us to introduce you to the Infiniti 52 racing yacht. The racing yacht isn’t just easy on the eyes—it’s also the first to be equipped with Doyle Sails’ Cableless technology. The innovation is so advanced that engineers claim it eliminates the need for a professional crew- meaning amateurs are capable of taking to the seas in the Infiniti 52.

Trans Global recently helped deliver the first ever Infiniti 52 from the United States to the United Kingdom where it will finish assembly and begin test runs. The yacht is scheduled to be completed in December. A racing team from Finland will then compete in the 2022 Royal Ocean Racing Club Transatlantic Race.

So, what makes the Infiniti 52 so innovative? The yacht is built around the award-winning Dynamic Stability System. In layman’s terms, the Infiniti 52 only needs a crew of 7 or 8—a vast decrease from the 15-man crew typically required in Grand Prix yachting.

The Infiniti 52 is also the first Grand Prix yacht to be engineered with the revolutionary Doyle Sails Cableless technology. The technology is much like it sounds—it eliminates the use of torsion cables. Most Grand Prix racing crew members train extensively year-round due to the grueling physical nature of the sport. The top teams spend upwards of 30 hours per week in the gym. The cableless technology makes sails easier to operate and reduces loads by up to 30%.

To say the Infiniti 52 is ahead of its time would be an understatement. When the crew takes off in January- the yacht will be the first equipped with the technology, innovation, and with around half of the crew members.

If the race were today, who would you choose, The tried-and-true yachts who have taken Grand Prix races in the past or the new kid on the block with a cutting-edge approach to the sport?

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