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Vehicle Import And Export Services

No one knows as much about importing vehicles into the U.S. and transporting commodities worldwide as Trans Global Auto Logistics. That means, when you’re looking for reliable, dependable international vehicle importers, we’re your best choice. In addition to our importing expertise, we’re a leading car export company if you need to send yours to another country for any reason.

We will help you import and export cars from overseas with comprehensive, professional attention. Our experience in global logistics means we can ensure that the entire process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. No matter what you require, count on Trans Global to deliver.

How Car Importing Works

Because of various laws, customs and often-exhaustive documentation requirements, attempting to import your car into the United States is no simple task. Before it can be shipped, it must meet specifications regarding its legality for road usage. However, exemptions exist for vehicles that are older than 25 years or will only be in the country for less than a year. These rules apply to any motor vehicle, including boats and RVs.

25-year-old and older vehicles being imported must be in their original condition without modification and they must have the original engine. The date of a vehicle’s import eligibility is determined by taking the original date of manufacture (day, month, & year) and adding 25-years.  [ Example: A vehicle produced on 15 July 1993 is eligible for U.S. importation on 15 July 2018.]

If you are in doubt as to whether your vehicle will meet the necessary criteria to enter the U.S., we can offer a USDOT and EPA Compliance Review for an additional service fee.

A Compliance Review will save you from dealing with the hassle and stress that comes with such an undertaking by reviewing your vehicle to ensure compliance with U.S. regulatory requirements. Each compliance review is conducted by an attorney specializing in automobile and automobile parts imports.

Suffice it to say that it’s much less costly to address and deal with a compliance issue on a vehicle prior to shipping than it is to do so after the vehicle has already arrived in the U.S. Every vehicle that undergoes a Compliance Review and is pre-approved for entry into the U.S. is 100% guaranteed. Please note not all vehicles will pass the tests but at least you will know prior to shipment as to whether or not your vehicle will be allowed entry.

Because most foreign countries have different laws, it is likely that any Foreign made automobile less than 25 years old purchased overseas will need modifications to meet U.S. thresholds. As such, getting one through customs can be a complicated process. We have a sister company, All Ways International Shipping, that is dedicated to handling customs clearance. This allows us to make the process to import a vehicle as seamless as it can be for our customers.

Once authorities have approved the vehicle, it is typically delivered to the port for shipment via RoRo or loaded into a container for shipping via sea. Car import companies generally bring the automobile to a port terminal or warehouse for the customer to pick up after delivery. In some cases, though, they can provide door-to-door service.

We are amongst the more experienced car import companies, with more than 30 years as a vehicle exporter and importer. Because we move 12,000-plus vehicles each year, so we can give you exceptional, worry-free shipping for your car from virtually any part of the world.

Our complete offerings include:

  • Customs clearance
  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Open or enclosed transport within the United States
  • Marine insurance
  • Detailed vehicle inspections with photos provided to you at pickup, before packing and after arrival
  • Customized loading services

Preparing Your Vehicle For Shipment From Overseas

  • Vehicles cannot contain more than ¼ tank of fuel
  • License plates should be removed and carried with you
  • Your vehicle cannot be used to carry personal effects
  • Only factory issued items can be shipped with the vehicle
  • All fluids, paints, cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, or other hazardous materials must be removed
  • Make sure your vehicle has antifreeze protection down to temperatures below zero
  • The vehicle must be clean inside and outside. Free of all soil, foliage and debris including the undercarriage.

To safeguard against importation of dangerous pests, the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that the undercarriage of imported cars be free of foreign soil. Have your car steam-sprayed or cleaned thoroughly before shipment

Choose the Best for Importing or Exporting Your Vehicle

When you need help importing a car or want a vehicle export company with the right credentials, look no further. We leverage our extensive understanding of international shipping and customs to give our clients the best overall experience from start to finish.

To learn more about us or to request a quote, get in touch today.

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