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You bought an RV to see the world, but getting your vehicle across a body of water is no small task. Imagine viewing the beauty of France, Switzerland, or Africa through the windshield of your personal home on wheels. At Trans Global Auto Logistics, our motorhome transport service is the golden ticket to make your dream come true.

The idea of international RV shipping may seem terrifying to some. After all, it’s nerve-wracking enough just checking your luggage when hopping on a plane, let alone trusting a private company to oversee the transport of your home away from home. We’re here to assure you that your cargo will retain its condition during each step of the shipment process.

Our motorhome shipping services extend to points all over the world. Once you’ve explored your home country from behind the wheel of your RV, it’s time to head out to greener pastures.

Entrusting Trans Global

Motorhome transport is an entirely different project than shipping household goods, motorcycles or boats. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to rely on Trans Global to take care of the small details, such as properly completing import/export documentation. We’re leaders in the industry when it comes to transporting large vehicles, and we’ll get your motorhome to your destination of choice without a single hitch.

Your job is preparing to immerse yourself in a different culture. Our job is to use our experience with international RV shipping to get your vehicle to its next destination. We’re licensed as an NVOCC and Freight Forwarder, so you can trust us with your home-on-wheels.

The Preparation Stages

There are several motorhome shipping options to consider, with roll-on/roll-off (RORO) being the most common. RORO involves the help of ramps, allowing us to effortlessly drive your RV on and off each shipping vessel. Another transport method is flat rack, where your vehicle is placed onto a rack before being loaded onto the vessel.

After selecting your shipping method, there are a few measures needed to prepare your vehicle for optimum transport. Here’s our checklist:

  • Remove all loose and personal items from the interior.
  • Close/latch all windows and doors.
  • Disconnect non-essential electronics.
  • Ensure tires and wheels are in good condition.
  • Check tow bar and hitch are properly installed, latched, and in good shape.
  • Check that the signal lights are working properly.
  • Check fluid levels, quality and leaks.
  • Prepare a full set of keys and a list of special instructions for carrier if needed.

Motorhome transport is easy with the help of Trans Global Auto Logistics. Tell us your specific shipping requirements today so we can assist with a customized RV transport plan.

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