Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact regarding my vehicle shipment?

If you’re in the U.S., contact the Trans Global head office at 1-800-264-8167 or

My quote says it excludes any destination fees. What fees will I incur?

The destination fees you can expect to incur are terminal charges, customs clearance, as well as a handling fee charged by the local agent. These fees vary by destination, but we can provide you the destination agent contact details upon request, so they can confirm these charges to you.

When should I begin the process for shipping my vehicle?

We recommend starting the process 30 days prior to your shipping date to ensure you have time to collect all the required shipping documents.

Why do I have to provide your agents with a Power of Attorney?

We are required to present Port and Customs Officials authority to act on your behalf. Your Power of Attorney enables our representatives to complete the import and or export process.

Can a neighbor, friend, or family member meet the trucking company when they pick up my vehicle?

Yes, but they must have a power of attorney to act on your behalf which we can provide.

Why can’t I drop off/pick up my vehicle at the nearest VPC like I do with my 1st POV?

At the moment, the VPC’s are not equipped to handle commercial vehicles. For your convenience, we do offer trucking services within U.S. and Europe and in many cases can pick up or deliver your vehicle right to your home for an additional cost. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

What are the conditions for cleanliness?

The exterior of your POV must be washed and cleaned of all dirt. The interior of your vehicle must be vacuum cleaned with only factory installed items in the vehicle.

What items may be shipped with my POV?

Only factory installed items. We cannot be held liable for any missing personal items left in vehicles and these items are not covered by Marine Insurance. We also suggest removing your license plates prior to shipment.

Why am I restricted to only ¼ tank of fuel?

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Transportation, Carriage by Vessel, Section 176.905, Para A (2) specifically states: “The fuel tank of a motor vehicle or mechanical equipment powered by liquid fuel may not be more than one-fourth full.”

How can I track the status of my vehicle?

Unfortunately, we do not have an online tracking system. You can however go to, enter the vessel name your vehicle is on which we’ll provide you and you’ll be able to see in real time where that vessel is. Alternatively, contact either our U.S. or Europe office (depending on which one you booked with) or send us an email requesting an update on your shipment. Please include first and last name, order number, if available and destination.

What do I need in order to collect my vehicle once it arrives at its destination?

Each country has different requirements. Please contact the local agent prior to your vehicle arriving. Their contact details will be provided to you at the time of booking.

What are your transit times? How long will it take to deliver my POV?

Generally speaking, transit times vary from 30 – 45 days depending on destination and vessel availability.

Are you able to provide an exact arrival date for my vehicle at destination?

Unfortunately, we are not. Many factors outside of our control can cause delays such as bad weather, changes to sailing schedules, vessel delays, customs delays, etc… which all affect arrival times. We tell customers to typically expect your shipment to take 30 – 45 days from the time you release your vehicle to us to the time you collect it at destination for Europe destinations. Longer for other destinations.

Do you guarantee my vehicle will not be damaged in transit?

We only work with quality providers to ensure your vehicle is properly cared for during its sea voyage but unfortunately, no one can guarantee this. We do offer all risk Marine Insurance for peace of mind and coverage in the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged. Please be aware that Steamship lines can only be held responsible for up to $500 regardless of the amount of the damage caused so we strongly suggest taking out Marine Insurance. Some vehicle insurance providers already include this coverage in your policy so check with them first to see if you’re already covered.

Where can I obtain more detailed information for preparing my POV for shipment?

If you’re in the U.S., contact the Trans Global head office at 1-800-264-8167 or

Which documents are required to ship?


If your vehicle is paid off:

⦁ Original title to present to U.S. Customs

⦁ Bill of Sale – If you recently purchased the vehicle

⦁ Copy of Passport or ID/Driver’s License (if you do not have a Passport)

⦁ Copy of Vehicle Registration (only applies to shipments out of Baltimore)

If your vehicle is not paid for and currently has a lien:

⦁ Original signed and notarized letter of permission to ship overseas from the lien holder (fax or copies will not be accepted).

⦁ Notarized copy of the title (front and back). In the case that the title is electronically filed with the state and the bank cannot provide you a notarized copy of the title, you will need an original DMV title transcript certified by the DMV (Title Record).

⦁ Copy of your passport or ID/driver’s license if you do not have a passport.


Copy of Passport

Copy of PCS Orders

Copy of Marriage License (if title is in spouse’s name).

Copy of Power of Attorney (if delivery of the vehicle will be done by someone other than spouse of service member).

When does TGAL need the documents?

We require copies of all documents to be emailed to your Customer Service Representative before we can proceed with collecting your vehicle or providing delivery instructions to the port to ensure everything is in order.

What is a manufacturer’s statement of origin?

This document is typically issued from the dealership on new vehicles and is intended to serve as temporary ownership documents and is canceled at the time the vehicle is first titled.

Are there any substitutions for those documents?

If you are missing any of the required documents, please speak to your Customer Service Representative and they’ll be able to assist you.

I have a lien on my vehicle and don’t have a title. What is a certified title record and how do I get one?

A certified title record is a complete report of the vehicle title history. It includes the vehicle information (Year, Make, Model, Color, Vin#, Title #, Title State, and Owner History) and has the state commissioner’s seal on it. You will need to contact the local DMV and request this document.

When will I receive my original documents back?

Your original documents will be sent to the overseas agent shortly after your vehicle sails. The agent will use the document to clear customs at destination and then contact you to confirm your shipping address and then send them on to you.

Where will my title/ original documents get sent back to?

Your original documents will be sent to the overseas address you have provided. You will be contacted to confirm this address is correct prior to them being sent out to you.

When do I pay and how?

In most cases, we will invoice you as soon as your vehicle has been delivered to the terminal and payment is due upon receipt. We accept personal checks (Please note, personal checks need 10 business days to clear), cashier’s check, wire transfer, and credit card payments via PayPal (please note credit card transactions incur a 5% processing fee).

Do you offer military discounts?

Since 90% of the business we do are with military service members, our rates already include a military discount.

I have a small chip in my windshield, will I still be able to ship my vehicle?

Yes, as long as your vehicle is in running condition, we can ship your vehicle. In some cases, we can still ship it if it doesn’t run but we’ll need to be notified prior to shipping so we can make special arrangements.

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