Best Way to Pack a House for Moving Household Goods

Best Way to Pack a House for Moving Household Goods
November 6, 2020 Aldo Flores
Moving Household Goods

The best way to pack a house for moving is one that gets your property ready in plenty of time while still allowing you to live your life on a daily basis. Moving household goods, whether across the country or around the world, can be a challenging time. Shipping household goods can make moving easier, as it avoids the need to drive and physically port your heavy boxes and furniture yourself. However, that still requires just as much preparation. When done properly, packing can be an (almost) pain free process that not only makes it easier when it’s time to see your property loaded for transport, but also when it’s unloaded at the destination and the moving-in process begins.

Prepare In Advance

The best way to pack a house for moving is to prepare before it’s time to start packing. Too often people wait to the last minute, forcing them to make hard decisions in the heat of the moment or not allowing time for proper packing, increasing their workload and the likelihood of damage to their property. By beginning the packing process as early as possible, you can set yourself up for success.

  • Decide What You’re Taking With You – Especially when shipping household goods, some items may be more economical to replace at the destination if they don’t hold sentimental value, such as large furniture items you were considering replacing anyway. Before you start packing is also a great time to pare down clutter, possessions, and unused portions of your wardrobe. It can be a great idea to have a garage sale to get rid of these items, and earn a little extra money before your big move, or to make a donation to thrift shops and help those less fortunate.
  • Make A List Of Needed Packing Supplies And Begin Gathering Them – You know you’ll need boxes and tape. Don’t forget sharp scissors, plenty of markers for labeling, and packing material to help protect your property. You’ll also want to gather any documentation that may be needed for the move all in one place.
    • While not always necessary for moving household goods state to state, if moving internationally you’ll want vital documents close at hand, including copies of import/export forms and proof of ownership for high-value property like antiques or vehicles.
  • Find The Right Shipping Or Freight Partner For Your Move – You also need to understand the best way to pack a house for moving for your shipping partner. Carriers may have specific criteria or recommendations for packing certain goods in transit, especially for international shipping. Understanding how best to pack for freight forwarding, where your shipping may be coordinated through several carriers over several modes of transport, will help ensure a safe, secure move.

Moving household goods in an organized manner makes unpacking easier.

Pack Smart

Once you’ve done your preparation, the packing can begin in earnest. Even if you’re not shipping household goods but are conducting the move completely on your own, proper packing will make your relocation a more pleasant experience. In general, here’s the best way to pack a house for moving:

  • Start Small – Begin by packing the smaller items that are easy to lose. This prevents them from being tossed into other boxes as “fillers”, helping to keep you organized.
  • Start With What You Use The Least – While much of what you just don’t use may have been sold or given away, the items you kept but seldom use should be packed next. This also includes seasonal items that won’t be in season before the move, such as packing your winter coats for a move in the middle of July.
  • Label As You Go – Each box should be clearly marked to show what room it’s from and the general contents. This is the best way to pack a house for moving when you want a smooth, well-coordinated unpacking process. Be careful, however, about labelling boxes with valuable items in too transparent a fashion. For example, instead of “Computer” label a box “Office Supplies”. “Beauty Supplies” can be an excellent stand-in for “Jewelry”
  • Move From Room To RoomAs you’re packing, pack a room as completely as possible before moving on. This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed or ending up with several half-done rooms. It also allows you to remove finished boxes to a central staging area for easier movement in the rooms as you go and cleaning for the move-out.
  • Pack Essentials Last – While packing, move progressively from least used to most-used, with the final boxes being sealed right before the move and containing those items used most often.

Make Shipping Your Household Goods Easy

We’ve got the experience to help with moving your household goods wherever life takes your home to. From the best way to pack a house for moving to steps needed to prepare your family car for international shipping, we offer the resources you need to be ready for the transition. Request a free quote today to start the conversation about your shipping options and get the numbers you need to make a more informed decision. Make shipping household goods and property a hassle-free part of your move with Trans Global Auto Logistics.

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