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Transporting your vehicle across the sea can understandably be a logistical nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Trans Global Auto Logistics, we make it easy to track your pride and joy (and even household goods) so that you know exactly where they’re going and when they will arrive at their destination. And it’s all thanks to our state-of-the-art NVOCC tracking system. Start tracking cargo vessels with confidence by taking advantage of our services at Trans Global Auto Logistics today!

Tracking Cargo Vessels Holding Vehicles Suddenly Got Easier

The process of tracking an in-transit vehicle is simple with Trans Global Auto Logistics.

First, we’ll send you an email including the name of the vessel that your vehicle has been loaded on. The email will also contain the name of your vehicle as well as its vehicle identification number and the HS code (vehicle transport code) associated with it. In the email, you’ll additionally find the loading port, discharge port, and final destination locations. In addition, we’ll include your vehicle’s estimated time of arrival.

Second, we’ll show you how to track your car’s vessel at Simply enter the name of the vessel in the site’s search box to keep tabs on its whereabouts.

Third, we’ll provide you with the name of a Trans Global Auto Logistics point person who can update you on your vehicle’s location.

Why Choose Trans Global for Tracking Cargo Vessels?

At Trans Global Auto Logistics, we are proud to be a leading freight forwarder with three-plus decades of industry experience under our belt.

We have earned positive reviews for our robust industry knowledge combined with our matchless customer service and our cutting-edge shipping strategies and technology. Our goal is to make transporting your vehicle an effortless, seamless, and positive process from Point A to Point Z. Rest easy when transporting your vehicle by partnering with Trans Global Auto Logistics today!

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