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One of the best ways to see Europe and the world is through the windshield of your RV.

You have traveled the US in your home away from home so why not the rest of the world. At first thought, it seem overwhelming but Trans Global is here to help. Usually, shipping your RV is not any harder than transporting a large car. The key is planning ahead.

When shipping your RV overseas, there are several options. The most common method for shipping vehicles is Ro-Ro . Your RV is driven on and off the vessel. This is usually the quickest and least expensive method for shipment.

Another option is a flat rack, which is similar to a flat bed truck. Your RV is placed on the flat rack, and then loaded onto the vessel. Trans Global can help you decide which method is best for you.

Preparing your RV for Transport

When preparing your RV for transport, make sure that you ask the carrier
for any special precautions he may want you to take. You will also want to:

•  Remove all loose and personal items from the RV to prevent damage
•  Close and latch all the doors and windows
•  Disconnect any non-essential electronic devices
•  Ensure that tires and wheels are in good condition
•  Check the tow bar and hitch are properly installed, latched, and in good shape
•  Check that the signal lights are working properly (turn signals, breaks, headlights, and indicator lights )
•  Check fluid levels, including transmission, power steering, brake fluid, coolant, and also check for leaks
•  Prepare a full set of keys and a list of special instructions and for your carrier that he can reference in the odd case that it is necessary