What is RORO Shipping?

What is RORO Shipping?
May 11, 2020 Aldo Flores
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You may have come across the term when looking to ship your vehicle, but do you know what RORO shipping is?

RORO shipping rates make it an attractive option for some shipping scenarios, but it may not be right for every situation. As a Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC) and freight forwarder, we can help you understand your shipping options. With over 30-years of experience, we can help you understand the differences between RORO and container shipping and help you arrange transport that gets your vehicle to its destination in a safe and efficient manner.

RORO Shipping

RORO shipping is what many people choose when transporting their vehicle. Short for “roll on, roll off”, the vehicle is driven into the transport vessel itself with other vehicles and secured to the deck. Unlike container shipping where the vehicle is placed in a container, and then the container aboard a ship, RORO shipping is more like having your vehicle parked in a moving parking garage. At the destination, vehicles are unloaded the same way, by driving them off the cargo vessel. This process usually takes anywhere from three-weeks to a month to get from port to port.

What Is The RORO Shipping Process

The RORO process starts when a customer considers their options and contacts a carrier to inquire about RORO shipping rates. The price of RORO shipping is usually cheaper than single container options, but may be more than using a consolidated shipping container where multiple vehicles are loaded into a single shipping container. A shipping timeline is set and the car should be prepared for shipping.

RORO vehicles are first delivered to a parking lot at their origination port. This can be done in person or freight can be arranged to transport the vehicle from your location to the port. There it will wait until it’s time to load. A shipping professional will drive your vehicle onto the cargo vessel with other vehicles in an order selected to maximize the usage of space and fit as many vehicles into their designated cargo area as possible.

Once parked in its spot, the vehicle is secured to the decking by braces or straps to keep it from moving, even in rough weather. Your vehicle will stay there for the entire voyage. Once the ship arrives at the destination and clears customs, a shipping professional drives your vehicle off the ship and into a lot at the port. There it will either be picked up personally, or shipping can be arranged to move it from the lot to its final destination.

Considerations When Choosing Your Shipping Method

Pricing is what makes RORO shipping attractive to many, but that pricing comes with a few considerations:

  • Speed: If your vehicle needs to arrive in a faster time frame, single container shipping offers quicker service. There’s no need to wait for a RORO-capable vessel to be filled. Your container is loaded with just the vehicle, then moves onto a ship.
  • Insurance: For RORO shipping, no inspection is done before the vehicle is loaded on the ship. While it may be insured against total loss, damages such as scratches, dings, and other cosmetic issues won’t be. If you’re shipping a classic vehicle that relies on condition for value, container shipping is the better option.
  • Clearing Out Your Vehicle: Transporting an empty vehicle is what RORO shipping is for. No personal items may be inside the vehicle. It cannot be used as “extra” cargo space for personal items. With container shipping, properly secured personal items can remain.

Long range cargo ships for the transport of freight.

Your Experienced Shipping Partner

We’re ready to help you move your vehicle with the knowledge and experience gained from decades of helping people just like you. Whatever shipping method you choose, we can arrange pickup of your vehicle, make sure it’s transported securely and efficiently, and have it delivered when and where it needs to be. As a licensed, bonded, and insured NVOCC, we offer the protection your property deserves with some of the best RORO shipping rates in the industry. Contact Trans Global Auto Logistics for a free transportation quote today.

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