U.S. Export Documentation and Requirements

Pull together the export documentation you need to ship your vehicle long before you intend to transport. In fact, you’ll be much better off if you know as much as possible about exporting vehicles from the USA well in advance of presenting your vehicle at U.S. Customs. It’s a time-consuming process, but you can’t ship your vehicle without it.

With added knowledge, you can send your classic car, motorcycle, or RV to points all around the globe. Maybe you’re moving for good, or perhaps you’re taking a long holiday and you want your vehicle with you. Military service members might want to have their personal vehicles on base with them. No matter the situation, Trans Global Auto Logistics is here to get you ready for transit.

Required Documents

Most of the export documentation you need has to do with ownership of your vehicle. If you own the vehicle outright, then you need to submit the original title, along with a copy of your Employee Identification Number or passport, a bill of sale in lieu of a title and possible Power of Attorney authorizations. Military personnel and DOD civilians need to present PCS or Travel Orders and a copy of their Vehicle Registration.

When there’s a lien involved, exporting vehicles from the USA becomes a bit more complicated. To export the car, you will need a notarized letter and a notarized copy of the title from the lien holder, as well as a Vehicle Information Report.

Both the vehicle and the export documentation should appear before customs a minimum of 72 hours before exporting occurs. For additional details, contact Trans Global Auto Logistics.

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