When to Consider International Freight Shipping

When to Consider International Freight Shipping
May 15, 2020 Aldo Flores
A loaded container ship used for international freight shipping.

International freight shipping is a specialized service that relies on knowledgeable carriers to ensure your property arrives safely. The top international freight companies maintain the logistics options to handle a large flow of goods between countries, and that same network can be used to transport your personal vehicle or household possessions. As a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and freight forwarder, we’ve built a relationship with the top freight shipping providers to give you a reliable way to move your property quickly and efficiently.

Types Of International Shipping

Moving cargo across international borders isn’t the same as moving state-to-state in most cases. Rather than a short drive in a moving van, freight has to be transported across a longer distance with more varied geography. International freight shipping uses a combination of three shipping methods:

  • Air — Air shipping involves loading your packed and secure cargo onto planes that fly it from a nearby airport to the nearest airport in your destination country that handles imports. While fastest, this is often a more expensive route as the cost of air travel is usually higher.
  • Sea — Shipping by sea is slower but usually more cost effective. Your freight is loaded into shipping containers which are then loaded onto a large cargo vessel. The vessel moves from a port in the current country to the foreign port, where the container is offloaded.
  • Ground — Ground shipping is almost always involved in International freight shipping. It begins with moving cargo to the air or sea port of departure and ends by picking it up at the destination port of entry. In some cases, where land borders are available between the origination point and destination, it may be the only shipping method as it moves cargo through successive customs checkpoints.

When International Freight Companies Are Right For You

When to use international freight shipping is a largely personal decision based on your finances and needs. Our customers run the gamut from entrepreneurs who need to move merchandise to collectors who want to ensure their latest high-value car collection arrives in pristine condition. We also help families who need a way to easily move their household.

Here are a few considerations for determining if international freight is right for you:

  • Is It Better To Transport Or Repurchase? For small or daily items, repurchase might be simpler and more cost-effective. In most international moves, you will do this to an extent to limit the items you’re paying international freight companies to ship. Not everything can be easily replaced, however. Sentimental possessions and larger consumer goods are often shipped as the household moves.
  • Is It Better To Trust It To Experts? As you move across borders, a patchwork of laws comes into play. In addition, distance and geography often make moving property, whether it be household goods or a vehicle you’re selling, difficult over such large distances. International freight shipping secures your cargo and puts it in the hands of professionals who know how to get it to its destination efficiently.
  • Does It Preserve The Value? Some cargo, such as classic vehicles, boats, or heavy equipment, represent not only a huge capital investment, but one that is easily damaged in transit or devalued by overuse, such as excessive mileage. Shipping these items allows them to move from country to country protected by secure transport containers and without accumulating additional usage.

Containers being loaded onto a cargo ship for one of the international freight companies.

Choosing Your International Freight Shipping Partner

When trusting your goods to international freight shipping companies, be sure you’re putting your property in good hands. We have over 30-years of experiencing moving freight internationally. As a licensed, bonded, and insured NVOCC, your property is fully protected as we work to make sure it arrives where and when it needs to be. Our experts and partners have the knowledge and tools to provide a smooth international freight shipping experience anywhere in the world.

Get the professional freight handling and service you need for peace of mind that your property will arrive safely. Contact Trans Global Auto Logistics for a free quote on your freight today.

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